Tuesday, July 3, 2012

American Flag Shorts

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays; I love the sparklers, fireworks, and bonfires!  This post is a tutorial of how to achieve these American Flag Shorts.  They are cute, fun, and patriotic :)

What You'll Need:
jean shorts
something to work on (I used a scrap piece of dry wall, but cardboard is just fine)
red, white, and blue fabric paint
duct tape
a paint brush
star shapped stickers {they're not in the picture}
and some paper plates

1.  Place paper plates on the inside of of the shorts, so the paint doesn't leak onto the other side.  Tape all of the areas where you don't want to get paint on; then paint the untapped area white.

2. Once it's dry, tape the left side of the shorts and paint red stripes on the right side.

3. As the right side of the shorts are drying, apply the star stickers on the left side of the shorts.

4. Tap off the stripe side of the shorts and paint all over the left side of the shorts.  I went back and painted closer to the stars with a smaller paintbrush too.

5. Let all of the paint dry and


Keep Reading & Happy Fourth of July!

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