Sunday, August 5, 2012

How I Pack : Part 1

So this post is to show you how I packed for six days and five nights on a carry on.
I tend  to be very specific when I pack because I am a neat freak and I like all of my stuff to be organized.

I used to roll my clothes to save space in my bag, but that was a little to unorganized for my liking.  My method has all of my clothes categorized and packed separately.

The first thing I like to do is lay out all of my tops, bottoms, and anything else I need.

Then I lay all of my shirts down on a pillowcase.  I also organize the shirts so they are in order by color.

 Fold the pillowcase over, (hotdog style).

Then roll it up and place it in your bag.

This is how I placed my shorts. (Notice the American Flag shorts!) And then I folded and rolled  it up.

 I used five pillowcases: shirts, camisoles, bottoms, hoodies and long-sleeve tops, and one for bathing suits and undergarments, (I put them on the top part).

Once I have all of my clothes packed, I put my smaller bags on top of them, (see first pic), and put shoes and belts on the sides.

Next week I'll show how I pack my toiletries!

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